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About Us

SafeZone is a friendly yet private space for an individual and or with their partner to express their feelings and to enquiry on their concerns. We emphasize on a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment to support members of the community to come to an understanding of their issues. We always respect on personal choice and adhere to ethical and human rights principles.


Testing is a choice. It is our clients’ decision to take on any of our tests and the testing offered are given prior informed consent.


Testing services are highly confidential. Any test results, content of discussions between our client and SafeZone will not be disclosed to anyone else without the consent of our client. At safe zone, we use a unique patient code and anonymous system therefore your details are highly secured and Will Not be passed onto any third parties or government organizations. (Hong Kong adopts a voluntary reporting system and all data collected are used for global analysis only.)


Appropriate and high-quality pre-test and post-test counselling are offered to our clients by our highly trained health-workers. Tests offered are tailored to our client’s needs.

Correct Status

It is our job to deliver the correct infections status to our clients. We have a high quality assurance system and treat all of our client’s samples seriously. For example, all potential HIV positive status are retested and our clients will be directed to our specialists Doctor for consultations.


Apart from our laboratory testing services, we have a team of well-resourced specialists who are able to provide information from disease prevention, education, treatment options, counselling, care and support to our clients.